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Partner News

IPEC Announces 2018 USPHS Award Winner and Finalists Recognized for Exemplary Interprofessional, Team-Based Practice

One national winner and five honorable mentions receive distinction for excellence in interprofessional education

The U.S. Public Health Service (USPHS) and the Interprofessional Education Collaborative (IPEC) are pleased to announce East Tennessee State University (ETSU) as the recipient of the 2018 Public Health Excellence in Interprofessional Education Collaboration Award. In its second year, the USPHS IPEC Award is presented to a team of health professional school-based collaborators for their innovative approach to community and public health practice with an emphasis on addressing the social determinants of health and health equity. USPHS and IPEC commend ETSU’s strong community focus on the prevention and treatment of substance abuse throughout east Tennessee and the region.

“ETSU’s dedicated and remarkable multiyear effort embodies a national model for how communities, campuses, and providers can and should parnter together to solve complex public health challenges,” notes Rear Admiral Dr. Pamela M. Schweitzer, chief professional officer of pharmacy,

U.S. Public Health Service. “Through collective action and meaningful collaboration, we can better promote and advance the health and safety of our Nation.”

USPHS and IPEC received many impressive applications from around the country and found the ETSU project addressing population health focused on the opioid crisis to exemplify excellence in interprofessional collaboration, community engagement, outreach scholarship, and evidence-based clinical service. ETSU project members will be recognized by the IPEC Council on June 26 at the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) Learning Center in Washington, DC.

In addition to an overall awardee, USPHS and IPEC also recognize five honorable mention winners. A complete list of the 2018 winners follows:

2018 USPHS IPEC Award: Overall Winner

East Tennessee State University, Johnson City, TN

East Tennessee State University Responds to the Opioid Epidemic Through Interprofessional Education, Community Engagement, Research, and Clinical Care

Dr. Robert P. Pack, East Tennessee State University College of Public Health; Dr. Nick Hagemeier, East Tennessee State University College of Pharmacy; Ms. Angela Hagaman, MA, LPCA, East Tennessee State University College of Public Health

2018 USPHS IPEC Honorable Mention: Health Communications and Health Technology

Rosalind Franklin University, North Chicago, IL

Telemedicine: Crossing Global Barriers to Health Education and Patient Care to Prevent Lower Extremity Amputation

Dr. Robert Joseph, Rosalind Franklin University; Dr. William M. Scholl, College of Podiatric Medicine

Dr. Peter J. Kallio, Rosalind Franklin University College of Health Professions; Dr. Olayele Adelakun, DePaul University College of Computing and Digital Media

2018 USPHS IPEC Honorable Mention: Behavioral Health

University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT

Utah Health & Homes Collaborative (UHHC): A Community-based Interprofessional Education (IPE) Approach for Addressing Social Determinants of Health

Dr. Sara Hart, University of Utah College of Nursing

Dr. Marilyn K. Luptak, University of Utah College Of Social Work; Dr. Kyle M. Turner, University of Utah College of Pharmacy

2018 USPHS IPEC Honorable Mention: Public Health Infrastructure

MGH Institute of Health Professions, Boston, MA

S-IHP’s CAP: Spaulding –IHP’s Intensive Comprehensive Aphasia Program

Dr. Marjorie Nicholas, MGH Institute of Health Professions School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

Dr. Mary W. Hildebrand, MGH Institute of Health Professions School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

2018 USPHS IPEC Honorable Mention: Community Empowerment and Education

Howard University, Washington, DC

Howard University Interprofessional Workgroup: Confronting the Epidemic of HIV/AIDS

Dr. Imbi Drame, Howard University College of Pharmacy

Ms. Ellen Spratley-Edwards, Howard University College of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences; Dr. Donna Grant-Mills, Howard University College of Dentistry

2018 USPHS IPEC Honorable Mention: At Risk and Vulnerable Communities

Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY

Leveraging Synergies: Using interprofessional Teams to Amplify Clinical Preventative Services Access and Utilization among Vulnerable Older Adults

Dr. Marie Ann Marino, Stony Brook University School of Nursing; Dr. Dolores Cannella, Stony Brook University School of Dental Medicine; Dr. Mary Truhlar, Stony Brook University School of Dental Medicine

Award nominations submitted by interprofessional teams were evaluated for their contribution to public health promotion through multidisciplinary collaboration among health professionals and community stakeholders.

“East Tennessee State University is the epitome of a collaborative leader in the critical fight to stop the opioid crisis. Serving the Appalachian corners of Tennessee, Virginia and Kentucky, they have brought public and private sector organizations together for a multifaceted approach to prevention and treatment,” said Dr. Lucinda L. Maine, IPEC president and executive vice president and CEO of the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy. “ETSU and the other honorees illustrate the tremendous engagement of our health professions students and faculty within their communities to expand the delivery of services and extend the reach of healthcare.”

For more details about the award winners and the upcoming 2019 application cycle, visit IPEC’s website.