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Interprofessional Obesity Care Competencies – Comments Due January 30

ASPPH and partners invite your feedback on interprofessional obesity care competencies.

This competency set was developed by the Provider Training and Education Workgroup of the Integrated Clinical and Social Systems for the Prevention and Management of Obesity Innovation Collaborative, an ad hoc activity associated with the Roundtable on Obesity Solutions at the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine.

Funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, through the Bipartisan Policy Center, the Provider Training and Education Workgroup is one portion of a larger effort to increase the capacity of our health system to combat obesity and its comorbidities, towards develop common competencies for the many types of providers engaged in obesity prevention and treatment.

In the first phase of the project, educators and staff from ASPPH and over a dozen health professions drafted a consensus on competencies needed across all health professions. We seek your input regarding the relevance of the competencies as they apply to your profession; the clarity of the competencies; if the competencies are currently taught in your institution; and general suggestions for improvement.

The proposed competencies are intended to be common across professions and are related to those professionals actively engaged in the prevention and management of obesity, and are not intended to reflect the specialized competencies of a given specialty. The depth of knowledge or skill for a given competency will vary based on profession (e.g., physician compared to psychologist compared to dentist).

Because the organizations that have developed these competencies are diverse and represent different groups of learners, please review all of the competencies in the context of your professional educational settings.

Please submit your responses here.

Your response is requested by Monday, January 30.

Thank you for sharing your time and expertise!