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GW: Report Examines Nurses’ Role in Addressing Unmet Needs of the 21st Century

A new report by Dr. Patricia Pittman, a professor of health policy and management at the George Washington University Milken Institute School of Public Health, says the nursing profession has a historic opportunity to address this public health crisis of the 21st century.

Dr. Pittman, who is also co-director of the George Washington University Health Workforce Institute, conducted a literature analysis and interviewed nursing leaders, policymakers and others to produce the comprehensive report, “Activating Nursing to Address Unmet Needs in the 21st Century.” The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation commissioned the report.

In the report, Dr. Pittman describes nursing in the early part of the 20th century, identifies today’s most innovative nurse-led or nursing models that have evidence of impact, and concludes with an analysis of solutions to the current crisis.

“There is growing recognition that medical care alone is insufficient to address growing health problems of today’s world,” Dr. Pittman said. “Nurses are uniquely positioned to coordinate partnerships and provide the kind of holistic, patient-centered care that can address the current rise in substance abuse and other diseases of despair.”

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