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Member Research & Reports

Georgia Southern Assesses Training Needs and Competency Gaps in Food Protection Staff

Dr. William A. Mase, associate professor of health policy and management at Georgia Southern University Jiann-Ping Hsu College of Public Health, led a study co-authored with his DrPH students, Ms. Bobbie Jo Newell, Dr. H. Pamela Pagano, and Dr. Jessica Arrazola, that assessed the training needs and knowledge gaps across five competency domains among the food protection staff of the Cincinnati Health Department. The five overarching competency domains assessed included 1) scientific knowledge; 2) foodborne illness knowledge, rules, and regulations; 3) temperature and storage; 4) inspection equipment; and 5) communication. A full network workforce assessment was conducted in a 3-year prospective longitudinal study design. Key findings show that competency areas identified as needing attention improved over time. The domain that consistently showed the highest percentage of workforce needing improvement was foodborne illness knowledge, rules, and regulations.

[Photo: Dr. William A. Mase]

Assessing Training Needs and Competency Gaps in Food Protection Staff,” was recently published in the Journal of Environmental Health.