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Faculty & Staff Honors

Faculty & Staff Honors

Florida International Team Earns Best Paper Award 2016

FIU Robert Stempel College of Public Health & Social Work professor and researcher, Dr. Deodutta Roy, and his research team have received the Best Paper Award 2016 from the International Journal of Molecular Sciences for Integrated Bioinformatics, Environmental Epidemiologic and Genomic Approaches to Identify Environmental and Molecular Links between Endometriosis and Breast Cancer.

[Photo: Dr. Deodutta Roy]

“The authors integrate, in a unique way, information from epidemiology, genomics and bioinformatics, thereby significantly advancing our understanding on the links between human disease and exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals,” said by Dr. Helmut Segner of the awarding committee.

The paper presents a combined environmental epidemiologic, genomic and bioinformatics approach to identify: exposure of environmental chemicals with estrogenic activity; epidemiologic association between endocrine disrupting chemical and health effects, such as, breast cancer or endometriosis; and gene-endocrine disrupting chemical interactions and disease associations.

Dr. Roy, a faculty member of the department of environmental & occupational health, served as the primary investigator for the study. Other members of the research team include Dr. Marisa Morgan, Dr. ChangwonYoo, Dr. Alok Deoraj, Dr. Vijay Kumar Yadav and Dr. Hamza Assaggaf as well as Ms. Sandhya Roy, Mr. Mohannad Garoub and Mr. Mayur Doke.

The editors of the International Journal of Molecular Sciences established the Best Paper Award to recognize the most outstanding articles published in the areas of molecular biology, molecular physics and chemistry. The prizes have been awarded annually since 2012.