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Final FY 2017 Appropriations Measure Clears Congress

The House of Representatives on Wednesday (309-118) and the Senate on Thursday (79-18) approved the final fiscal year 2017 Omnibus appropriations bill. President Trump is expected to sign the bill into law sometime on Friday. The bill funds all of ASPPH’s priority accounts. Program level details on the final agreement are available on Key highlights include:

Even as Congress celebrated the belated passage of the FY 2017 appropriations bills, there was recognition that FY 2018 will be a very difficult funding year.  President Trump on May 2nd said that the country needed “a good ‘shutdown’” as the beginning of FY 2018 to force a partisan confrontation over federal spending. This threat came even before he submits his detailed budget proposal to Congress, now expected on May 22.

The House Budget Committee on May 3rd said it is aiming to mark up its fiscal 2018 budget resolution the week of May 15, even before Trump’s full budget proposal arrives on the Hill. Committee staff said the budget resolution is needed to give the House Appropriations Committee a top-line level of spending to start work on spending bills for the fiscal year that begins October 1.