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Partner News

EPA Smoke Sense App Now Available

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) researchers recently announced a citizen science study called Smoke Sense that will help determine the extent to which exposure to wildland fire smoke affects health and productivity, and develop health risk communication strategies that protect public health during smoke days. Individuals who want to contribute to science can participate in the study by using the Smoke Sense app, a publicly available mobile application on Google Play Store.

The study, being conducted during the 2017 fire season, will be the first of its kind known to use a mobile application to evaluate health effects from wildland fires experienced by those who participate, and to test whether such an app communicates health risks effectively. Data gathered through Smoke Sense is anticipated to help EPA researchers and communities determine how smoke from fires impacts our health and productivity and gain important insights needed to develop health risk communication methods during smoky days. The Smoke Sense app can be used on Android phones and will be available for use on Apple devices in the future. Smoke Sense app user identities will be anonymous and non-identifiable.

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[Photo: EPA Smoke Sense App]