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Member Research & Reports

East Tennessee Publishes on Health Promotion in Rural China

Dr. Liang Wang, associate professor in the department of biostatistics and epidemiology, and Dr. Jodi Southerland, instructor in the department of community and behavioral health, have published research in Global Health Promotion on the effects of a two-year health promotion intervention on 18 rural communities across China. The article, “Evaluation of a multi-layered health promotion approach in rural China,” seeks to understand factors that can empower communities to take control over, and protect their health.

[Photos: Dr. Liang Wang (left) and Dr. Jodi Southerland]

The intervention used a multi-pronged health promotion strategy comprising best-practices in community empowerment, health policy and environment, and health education and communications. Eighteen rural communities were enrolled into the program while another eighteen received standard health communications.

The post-intervention evaluation found that the intervention communities were more likely to develop policies that promoted health including policies on livestock captivity and garbage disposal, and report significant reductions in two-week morbidity (18.5 percent to 13.4 percent) and diarrheal incidence (13.0 percent to 9.5 percent) compared with the control group.

Results from this study indicate that a multi-pronged, long-term intervention in rural China may assist in empowering communities to protect their own health.

First authorship on the article was shared between Xiangyan Tian and Liping Yan from the Chinese Center for Health Education in Beijing, China. Additional co-authors include Genming Zhao from Fudan University in Shanghai, China and Yulan Cheng and Yong Lu, also from the Chinese Center for Health Education.  The journal of Global Health Promotion is a multi-lingual journal that publishes original research and review papers in health promotion and health education.