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Member Research & Reports

East Tennessee Co-Authors Article in Health Promotion Practice

Dr. Jodi Southerland, instructor for the department of community and behavioral health in the East Tennessee State University College of Public Health, has co-authored an article in the journal Health Promotion Practice.  The article, Case Studies of Community–Academic Partnerships Established Using the Give-Get Grid Model, describes three case study experiences using the Give-Get Grid in real-world context to understand and generate ideas to address contemporary health promotion opportunities among a variety of stakeholders.

[Photo: Dr. Jodi Southerland]

Dr. Bruce Behringer, a consultant for the Tennessee Department of Health, is lead author of the article and Dr. Robert Plummer, in the department of educational leadership & policy analysis at East Tennessee State University, is an additional co-author.

While partnerships for health delivery and improvement are frequently described by their structure, goals, and plans, less attention is paid to the interactive relationships among partners or for larger stakeholder groups’ coalition memberships. The Give-Get Grid group process tool can be used to assess each stakeholders’ expected benefits (“gets”) and contributions (“gives”) needed to establish and maintain long-term, mutually advantageous community–academic partnerships.

The case studies address three distinct community health promotion opportunities: prevention of school-based adolescent obesity disparities, higher education health professions training programs in rural community-based settings, and methods for engaging community coalitions in state Comprehensive Cancer Control Programs. They demonstrate the Give-Get Grid’s utility in both planning and evaluating partnerships and documenting key elements for progress in health promotion initiatives built on long-term community-academic relationships.

Health Promotion Practice is a bimonthly peer-reviewed public health journal covering the field of public health, especially the practical application of health promotion and education.