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Member Research & Reports

Drexel Finds Missed Opportunity to Control HIV in Pregnancy

New studies in PLOS ONE and Clinical Infectious Diseases found that most HIV-infected pregnant women aren’t getting the opportunity to manage their infection, prevent transmission to their new baby and enter a long-term pattern of maintenance of HIV care after giving birth. Ms. Joëlla Adams, Drexel MPH ’14, lead author of the Clinical Infectious Diseases study, now works at the Philadelphia Department of Public Health (PDPH) and led much of the data analysis for this study as an MPH student completing a community-based master’s project for the Drexel University School of Public Health at PDPH in 2014. Ms. Adams’ project mentors, Dr. Florence Momplaisir, an associate professor in medicine and public health, Dr. Yvonne Michael, an associate professor of public health, and Dr. Kathleen Brady, medical director of the AIDS Activities Coordinating Office of PDPH, were among the co-authors. The studies are the first to describe the HIV care continuum postpartum and the first to use population-based data to evaluate viral suppression rates of HIV-infected pregnant women at delivery.

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