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Partner News

CyAN Mobile App Helps Communities Detect Cyanobacteria in U.S. Water Bodies

Since the passing of the Clean Water Act in 1972, water quality in the United States has improved significantly, but threats to clean and safe water still exist. One of these threats is harmful algal blooms or HABs. One of the most common types that occur in the U.S. are caused by cyanobacteria, also known as blue-green algae. These blooms have the potential to produce toxins and cause nuisance odors, hypoxia, and unappealing surface scums that can cause negatively affect human and pet health, aquatic ecosystems, and local economies.

The U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) developed the Cyanobacteria Assessment Network mobile app (CyAN app) ― an early warning indicator system for cyanobacterial blooms in U.S. freshwater systems. This easy to use app is helping local and state water quality managers make faster and better-informed management decisions in their communities.

Read more about the CyAN app.

training video and a highlight video are available for those that wish to learn more about how to use the CyAN app.

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