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CUNY Studies the Association between Falls and Caregiving Tasks

Dr. William Gallo, a professor at the CUNY School of Public Health, along with public health students Ms. Wendy Vaughon (DPH student) and Ms. Jennifer Kaufman (MPH student), and Dr. Aig Uniuigbe, a visiting professor at SUNY Buffalo, in collaboration with Dr. Yeonjung Lee, faculty at the University of Calgary studied the relationship between older care recipient falls and caregiver health. The findings were published in the Canadian Journal on Aging.

[Photo: Dr. William Gallo (left) and Ms. Wendy Vaughon]

The purpose of this study was to assess the associations between falls and caregiving frequency and type of caregiving tasks among informal older caregivers.

The research team used data from the Canadian Community Health Survey on Healthy Aging (Public Use Microdata File 2008 – 2009) (n = 2,934). They examined the data, using descriptive and logistic regression analyses.

Higher frequency of caregiving was positively associated with falls, although those who performed household chores were less likely to report falling in the previous year. Results suggested there may be an association between factors related to caregiving and falls in older caregivers. The authors concluded that there was a need for more research using longitudinal and experimental data to better understand the relationship between caregiving tasks and falls in this population.

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