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Member Research & Reports

CUNY Researcher Leads a Study on Educational Breastfeeding Intervention among Rural Hispanic Women

CUNY researcher, Dr. Ashish Joshi, is the lead author of a study in the Journal of Community Health. This study examined the association between socio-demographic characteristics and breastfeeding knowledge, self-efficacy and breastfeeding attrition prediction among rural Hispanic women enrolled in the third trimester of pregnancy. Less than half of them had ever breastfed their children. The study showed no baseline differences in knowledge, self-efficacy and intent to breastfeed. Women were randomized to the intervention group (touch screen enabled bi-lingual breastfeeding program) or the control group (bi-lingual printed educational material). Self-efficacy among women in the intervention group was an important predictor of intent to breastfeed. The study was funded by Agency for Healthcare Research Quality.

[Photo: Dr. Ashish Joshi]