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Faculty & Staff Honors

Faculty & Staff Honors

CUNY Researcher Awarded Special Interest Project as part of the NYU-CUNY Prevention Research Center

Drs. Christian Grov (PI) and Elizabeth Kelvin (Co-I), faculty at the CUNY School of Public Health will receive $200,000 from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention through the New York University-City University of New York Prevention Research Center. These centers are a network of academic researchers, public health agencies, and community members that conduct applied research in disease prevention and control, and promote the wide use of practices proven to promote good health.

The researchers will conduct formative research among a racially diverse group of men who have sex with me to investigate seroadaptive practices and awareness and use of pre-exposure prophylaxis among HIV+ and HIV-neg men who have sex with men. Seroadaptive behaviors include serosorting (selectively having sex with partners who are of the same HIV status), strategic positioning (selectively practicing insertive or receptive anal sex in certain positions based on a partner’s HIV status) and selectively having only oral sex or mutual masturbation. The researchers will conduct focus groups with racially and ethnically diverse HIV-positive and HIV-negative men. Based on the results they will develop, pilot, and refine the brief tool to assess seroadaptive practices, condom use, and HIV testing among men who have sex with men in both a clinical and in multiple outreach settings.  The tool will then be refined based on its performance in clinical and outreach settings as well as in light of feedback received from providers in the clinical setting.