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CUNY Professor Finds Association of Caesarean Section and Asthma and Wheezing May Vary by Setting and Gestational Age Had Few Associations with Mental Health in Adolescence

With colleagues from Hong Kong, Dr. C. Mary Schooling, professor of epidemiology, has recently co-authored 2 papers.

In Clinical and Experimental Allergy, Dr. Schooling and colleagues examined the association of mode of deliver with hospitalizations for asthma and other wheezing disorders in a developed non-Western setting with high rates of Caesarean section. Their findings suggest that the observed associations of delivery by Caesarean section with childhood wheezing disorders may vary with setting and may not be biologically mediated.


[Photo: Dr. C. Mary Schooling]

In the Archives of Disease in Childhood, Dr. Schooling and colleagues used data from Hong Kong’s Children of 1997 birth cohort, and found that in a population-representative birth cohort from a non-Western-develop setting, gestational age had few associations with mental health and well-being in adolescence, whereas very preterm birth was specifically associated with hyperactivity in childhood.