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Member Research & Reports

CUNY Faculty Studies Sexual Risk-Taking in HIV-Negative Gay and Bisexual Men and Depression

Dr. Christian Grov, professor at the CUNY School of Public Health and colleagues recently published a report that studied the link between depression and sexual risk-taking.  The work was published in AIDS Behavior.


[Photo: Dr. Christian Grov]

This study analyzed the links between depression and recent condomless anal sex with casual partners among 1033 HIV-negative, non-pre-exposure prophylaxis-using, gay and bisexual men. When condomless anal sex was dichotomized as either none or some, depression was not associated with the odds of condomless anal sex (with receptive and insertive combined) or insertive condomless anal sex only, but was positively associated with the odds of receptive condomless anal sex. When condomless anal sex was tallied as a count variable of events, depression was positively associated with total condomless anal sex, receptive condomless anal sex, and insertive condomless anal sex. With the addition of a quadratic term for depression, a positive quadratic effect was only found for total condomless anal sex and receptive condomless anal sex, but not for insertive condomless anal sex. These findings highlight the utility of using count data for condomless anal sex events and treating condomless anal sex separately with regard to receptive and insertive positioning when considering the role of depression among gay and bisexual men.