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Global Health Committee

The Global Health Committee advises the ASPPH Board on matters concerning academic global health needs, priorities, and related policy development. The Committee recognizes the importance of establishing multi-sectorial collaborations between resource-rich and resource-scarce countries with the aim of producing innovative and sustainable solutions to global health issues. It also promotes and encourages multilateral and bidirectional initiatives that recognize interdependence between countries. The Committee facilitates faculty, curriculum, and student exchange, as well as other mutually beneficial collaborative efforts between members. It also facilitates educational and scholarly exchanges between ASPPH member institutions and public health institutions globally, where appropriate and mutually desired, as well as among consortia of those institutions. The Committee promotes ties with organizations involved with global health and serves to perform other activities such as developing formal proposals for multi-institutional global health initiatives. Committee members include deans of schools, primary representatives from programs, and their delegates in specific cases.  All ASPPH members are invited to participate in committee meetings.