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Faculty & Staff Honors

Columbia: Research Paper by Dr. L.H. Lumey Featured on Journal’s Homepage for Its Wide Readership

A paper by epidemiology professor Dr. L.H. Lumey, is featured on the homepage of the journal BMC Public Health as having one of the highest readership for the month of May. A summary in Chinese written by co-author Mr. Chihua Li for the BMC webchat podium in China was also widely accessed and is captured here.

The paper, titled “Low awareness of hypertension and diabetes in China elderly causing public health concerns,” reported that the majority of Chinese who were diagnosed with hypertension and/or type 2 diabetes in 2011 said they were unaware of having the diseases years later in 2015.

Until now, there had been little information on how individuals with hypertension or diabetes in China first became aware of their conditions and what factors may have contributed to changes in awareness over time. “The persistent limited awareness of diabetes and hypertension remains a major public health concern,” said Dr. Lumey.

The findings show it is important that in health examination programs increased efforts are made to help make sure that participants understand the medical examination results and motivate them to access the appropriate health services where needed, according to Dr. Lumey and Mr. Li.

Dr. Lumey’s research aims at better understanding of the biological mechanisms that can explain long-term health effects of changes in the prenatal environment and ways of prevention. With his global collaborators, he published the first study in humans linking prenatal famine exposure to persisting changes in DNA methylation of the IGF2 gene using data from the Dutch Famine population.