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Faculty & Staff Honors

Faculty & Staff Honors

Columbia: Global Adolescent Health Expert Dr. Marni Sommer to Speak At Drexel’s Education Colloquium

Dr. Marni Sommer, Columbia Mailman University School of Public Health associate professor of sociomedical sciences, will be the featured speaker at Drexel University’s School of Education and Office of International Programs’ Global Education Colloquium on May 15. Her talk, titled “Addressing Menstruation Globally: Where Have We Come From and Where Do We Go From Here?” will explore the origins of the menstrual movement, the expanding attention to the issue, and what remains to be done.

While there is growing attention to the issue of menstruation around the world, there are still ongoing stigma and taboos around the topic, notes Dr. Sommer, and engaging new partners in the effort to meet the needs of those who menstruate is still a priority.

Dr. Sommer speaks frequently on the topic of menstruation, conducting participatory research with adolescents, and the intersections of gender, health, education and the environment for girls and boys transitioning into adulthood. At Columbia Mailman School, she leads the Gender, Adolescent Transitions and Environment (GATE) Program which generates research and practical resources focused on improving the integration of menstrual hygiene management and gender supportive sanitation solutions into global humanitarian response. Dr. Sommer also engages in policy forum and discussions on the need to push governments to do more to address the needs of those who menstruate for more equitable educational and working environments.

Access the event via the live webcast