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Member Research & Reports

Colorado Study: Communication About Additional Breast Screening Influences Follow-up Rate

A collaboration project between Invision Sally Jobe Breast Centers and researchers from Colorado School of Public Health, University of Colorado Cancer Center and the University of Colorado School of Medicine shows that women at high risk for breast cancer who received a letter informing them of additional breast screening options are more likely to return for additional screening.

The study was split into two periods. One letter that recommended additional screening was communicated only to a woman’s primary care physician, while the other letter was communicated to both the woman and to her primary care physician. Results showed that women who were sent the letter informing them of additional breast screening recommendations for women at elevated lifetime risk— follow-up screening increased significantly.

“We show that this kind of communication is associated with an increased rate of women returning for breast cancer screening with MRI,” Dr. Deborah Glueck, ColoradoSPH professor and senior author says. “But the thing I really care about is whether risk assessment, good communication and breast cancer screening actually save lives, or just cause harms from additional screening.”

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