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Member Research & Reports

Colorado Research on Vaping Uncovers Challenges to Regulation

​A new study​, funded by the Colorado School of Public Health: University of Colorado and led by community and behavioral health professor at Colorado State University Dr. Craig Trumbo, found that people’s opinions of public vaping are heavily influenced by what they see around them, how risky they think it is and what they think about addiction. It was published in Risk Analysis: An International Journal.

[Photo: Vaping man holding a mod, in a cloud of vapor.]

According to the study, the widespread social acceptability of e-cigarettes may make it difficult for lawmakers to restrict public vaping. The public generally believes that these cigarettes do not pose any second-hand exposure risks. As evidence emerges, regulators will be faced with reversing strongly held perceptions to restrict vaping in public.

Full press release in Society for Risk Analysis