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Colorado: Redefinition of “Women’s Health” Need for Transgender and Nonbinary Inclusivity

A recent commentary published in Women’s Health Issues calls for a restructuring of women’s health to better accommodate transgender and nonbinary (TNB) individuals, as well as more research on the health needs of TNB individuals in order to inform that restructuring. It argues that defining women’s health in contrast to men’s health creates a male/female dichotomy has resulted in TNB individuals to fall through the cracks, experience gender discrimination when seeking health care, or find it difficult to find providers that cater to their needs altogether.

The commentary calls for more research on the needs of TNB individuals to inform structural changes, but in the meantime, the co-authors lay out eight recommendations to provide safe, inclusive and affirming healthcare spaces. The authors’ recommendations are:

  1. Expand research studies beyond traditional women’s health to collect data that can be used to develop evidence-based resources.
  2. Provide access to these resources to a wide range of health providers, including women’s health providers.
  3. Share data with policymakers to help them make decisions that will have the best outcomes for TNB health.
  4. Modify the definition of “women’s health” to include transgender women, transgender men, other transmasculine individuals and nonbinary individuals.
  5. Implement evidence-based, trans-inclusive policies on the health facility level to reduce instances of TNB individuals avoiding care.
  6. Train all staff on TNB health issues.
  7. Provide safe, affirming and inclusive physical environments.
  8. Deliver culturally-responsive and -inclusive TNB healthcare.
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