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School & Program Updates

School & Program Updates

Colorado: Grateful for 10 years of Growing a Public Health Community in Colorado

For Public Health Thank You Day, the Colorado School of Public Health extends gratitude to everyone who has contributed to our first decade, and helped up build the public health community in Colorado and beyond.

To honor this milestone, a new magazine is being published to highlight some of the people and programs who personify the school’s journey from founding through today. Here are some quotes from a few of them, beginning with ColoradoSPH dean, Dr. Jonathan Samet:

“This magazine, our first, tells the story of the Colorado School of Public Health over its initial decade. The stories are about the research accomplishments of the faculty and students, the school’s engagement with the state through education and training, practice, and translation, and the impact of our alumni. Above all, the magazine documents how the school and its many public health and community partners have contributed to advancing health in Colorado — the over-riding goal a decade ago when the ColoradoSPH was established and the Colorado Public Health Act of 2008 was passed.”

Other students, faculty, staff and alumni who are featured in the magazine, had this to say about their work and the school:

Ms. Venice Williams, PhD student in health services research:

“I was always interested in health and well-being and a career in public health was the perfect combination for me to learn from people, apply rigorous research into practice, and work together to achieve a common goal.”

Dr. Saskia Bunge-Montes, alumni MPH, maternal and child health:

“In Guatemala, it’s all about curing people with different sicknesses, but it’s never about preventive health or education — that’s why I decided to focus on public health.”

Ms. Cerise Hunt, director and instructor, Center for Public Health Practice and department of community and behavioral health:

“We’re always willing to take risks, to have those crucial conversations that need to take place to promote health equity.”

A look between 2008 and 2018, which includes more than 600 peer-reviewed articles published annually:

What more can there be to have gratitude for? Only the next ten years will tell.