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Student & Alumni Achievements

Colorado Alum Creates Disease-Tracking App for National Park Service

West Nile virus, Lyme disease and rabies are some of the diseases that a visitor to a national park in the United States could encounter – but there’s an app for that.

Ms. Emma St. Aubin, a recent graduate of the master’s in public health program in the Colorado School of Public Health at CSU, has created a mobile application to provide National Park Service visitors with information needed to identify and prevent zoonotic, communicable and vector-borne diseases within the parks.

The mobile app serves as an electronic handbook for park visitors. If a visitor is not aware of a disease they may encounter, they can look up the symptoms, the causes of the symptoms and possible treatments of the disease. It also lists disease-spreading animals within the parks, so that visitors can readily identify the cause of their disease and accurately figure out a treatment.

St. Aubin started an internship with the NPS in November 2015, and soon had the idea to create a mobile app to educate park visitors on disease prevention measures.

The app features maps of where diseases occur within the United States and “Did you know?” facts about diseases as well as emergency contact information for each individual park and monument.

There is a focus on the One Health model in the app. That model focuses on the idea that the environment, humans and animals are all connected and equally important to the ecosystem. The model strives for optimal health for all three.

The app is helpful for individuals who are backpacking or camping because it can also be used without a cellular network or a connection to Wi-Fi.

The NPS application is currently only available at the Google Play store for Android devices.

To download the app visit the Google Play store.

For more information about the national parks, visit the NPS website.

You can read the story here.