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Member Research & Reports

BU Study: Racial Differences Found in Doctor-patient Treatment Decision-Making

Blacks and Hispanics receive less information from their doctors than non-minorities do regarding the rationale for treatment decision-making, according to a new study by researchers from the Boston University Schools of Public Health (BUSPH) and Medicine (BUSM).

The study, published online in Patient Education and Counseling, examined racial and ethnic differences in Americans’ experiences in receiving information from their physicians about the rationale for treatment recommendations. The study used nationally representative survey responses from about 1,240 adults.

Overall, 93 percent of respondents indicated that their doctors discussed reasons for treatment recommendations, including past patient experiences, scientific research, and costs.

But, “the results indicated racial/ethnic minorities received less information from their doctors regarding the rationale for treatment decision making on some, but not all, of the dimensions assessed,” the researchers wrote.

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