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BU Study Finds Public-Private Partnership Improves Health Care in Lesotho

Clinical services and patient outcomes improved at a hospital network in Lesotho after its operations were shifted from the government to a public-private partnership, a new study led by Boston University School of Public Health (BUSPH) global health researchers reports.

The study in the journal Health Affairs gauged changes that occurred after the government of Lesotho entered into a partnership with a private consortium in 2008 to build and run its national referral hospital and three affiliated community-based clinics. At the time of the shift, the network was struggling with staff shortages, aging infrastructure, and declining service quality.

The study found that, under public–private management, the network “delivered more and higher-quality services and achieved significant gains in clinical outcomes, compared to the government-managed network.”

The public–private hospital is a completely new facility, with three recently renovated clinics and one new clinic with new infrastructure and equipment. The hospital has a new ICU and NICU, which have helped to improve services and outcomes. Leadership also has changed. “We conclude that health care public–private partnerships may improve hospital performance in developing countries, and that changes in management and leadership practices might account for differences in clinical outcomes,” the study says.

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