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Faculty & Staff Honors

BU Professors Receive Grant from National Institute on Aging

To develop measures that better reflect the up- and downsides of caregiving, the National Institute on Aging (NIA) has awarded Boston University School of Public Health Professors Dr. Lisa Fredman and Dr. Lee Strunin an Exploratory/Developmental Research Grant Award (R21).

“There probably are a variety of aspects of caregiving that are health-inducing,” says Dr. Fredman, including feeling needed and appreciated, and being more physically and cognitively active.

The researchers will interview older caregivers in the Boston metropolitan area, allowing them to explain in their own words what tasks are difficult and why. The researchers will then work with an expert panel to design a weighting scheme. The new measures will be validated against other measures of stress and compared to conventional measures of caregiving intensity on associations with mortality and functional decline.

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