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School & Program Updates

School & Program Updates

BU HIV and AIDS Initiatives

Boston University School of Public Health has conducted a great deal of research into HIV and AIDS initiatives in the last year, including research into global mortality rates; treatment adherence; and the value of schooling vis a vis HIV rates. Studies this past year have included:

BU Researcher Finds Gender Disparities in HIV Mortality in South Africa

BU: Mobile Health Clinics Effective in Remote Namibia

Quasi-Experiments Can Contribute to HIV Research, BU Study Concludes

BU: Provision of HIV Treatment Can Save Companies Money

BU Researcher Finds Mortality Rates Twice as High for Those Who Leave HIV Care

Additional Schooling Cuts Risk of HIV Infection in Botswana: BU

BU Study: Text Reminders Can Improve HIV Medication Adherence

BU Study Says More Efforts Needed to Keep Children in HIV Treatment