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Brown: A Multi-level Intervention in Worksites to Increase Fruit and Vegetable Access and Intake

Fruit and vegetable (F&V) consumption is an important contributor to chronic disease prevention. However, most Americans do not eat adequate amounts. The worksite is an advantageous setting to reach large, diverse segments of the population with interventions to increase F&V intake, but research gaps exist. No studies have evaluated the implementation of mobile F&V markets at worksites nor compared the effectiveness of such markets with or without nutrition education.

[Photo: Dr. Patricia Risica]

This paper, led by Dr. Patricia Risica, associate professor of behavioral and social sciences at Brown University School of Public Health, describes the protocol for Good to Go (GTG), a cluster randomized trial to evaluate F&V intake change in employees from worksites randomized into three experimental arms: discount, fresh F&V markets (Access Only arm); markets plus educational components including campaigns, cooking demonstrations, videos, newsletters, and a web site (Access Plus arm); and an attention placebo comparison intervention on physical activity and stress reduction (Comparison). Secondary aims include: 1) Process evaluation to determine costs, reach, fidelity, and dose as well as the relationship of these variables with changes in F&V intake; 2) Applying a mediating variable framework to examine relationships of psychosocial factors/determinants with changes in F&V consumption; and 3) Cost effectiveness analysis of the different intervention arms.

The GTG study will fill important research gaps in the field by implementing a rigorous cluster randomized trial to evaluate the efficacy of an innovative environmental intervention providing access and availability to F&V at the worksite and whether this access intervention is further enhanced by accompanying educational interventions. GTG will provide an important contribution to public health research and practice.

This paper was published in Contemporary Clinical Trials, February 2018.

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