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Augusta: New Book Explores Distinctive Research Skills Leading to Biomedical Innovation and Public Health Improvement

A pioneering book, authored by Dr. Andrew Balas, Professor of Public Health and Health Management at Augusta University, was just published by Wiley. The book titled “Innovative Research in Life Sciences: Pathways to Scientific Impact, Public Health Improvement, and Economic Progress” methodically explores the creative processes leading from initial vague research ideas to valuable biomedical discoveries and innovation.

By drawing on lessons from 400 Nobel Prize winners, other award-winning scientists, serial innovators, and leading research universities, 12 transformative competencies of successful biomedical researchers are described, analyzed, and illustrated with many inspiring case studies. The book presents practical solutions and describes essential skills for improving research and innovation productivity in life sciences laboratories.

The book identifies practical tools to succeed at a time when far too many research publications turn out to be either non-reproducible or entirely inconsequential. The book supports researchers in developing high impact research agendas and reinvigorating research by learning about often overlooked best practices. Readers can learn about the best of the best in science and also about the essentials of innovative research entrepreneurship.

“I am very excited about this book because it explores models of research success that would not only help scientists identify major obstacles along the way, but boost their productivity and view the community health and economic development aspect of their work,” said Dr. Balas.

Dr. Balas’ expertise includes policy development to encourage innovative biomedical research responsive to societal needs and application of advanced digital technologies for transferring research to practice.

The book is available at AmazonWileyThe Telegraph UK and Internet Bookshop Italia.