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ASPPH Work on Fast Data Featured in “Associations Now”

The American Society for Association Executives (ASAE) recently interviewed ASPPH Director of Data Analytics, Emily Burke, for two articles on fast data that appeared in their publication Associations Now. ASAE acknowledges fast data “as one of 46 drivers of change that are likely to have a significant impact on associations in the future”.

ASPPH is recognized as a leader in data analytics for higher education. “We use near-real-time data on the current admissions cycle,” Ms. Burke explained. “This year, as applications have come in, the association has shared with members the number of applications they’ve received and how that number compares with other schools and programs.”

“Being able to see where they stand during the middle of an admissions cycle has turned out to be pretty valuable to them. Higher education always sees some ebb and flow, but when we’re able to experience that ebb and flow in real time, we are better positioned to adjust to it on behalf of our members” Ms. Burke said.

To learn more about fast data at ASPPH, contact the ASPPH Data Center at

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