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ASPPH Staff Visits the Colorado School of Public Health

Tony Mazzaschi, ASPPH Senior Director for Policy and Research, visited the Colorado School of Public Health on April 6, to participate in Public Health Week activities. During the day, Mr. Mazzaschi presented the weekly Health Services Research seminar, which he titled, “Policy, Advocacy, and the Missions of Academic Public Health.” During the presentation, he reviewed the ASPPH’s advocacy program and priorities, discussed the current political and policy environment, and reviewed current legislative and regulatory issues, including budget and appropriations issues and the efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

After meeting with various faculty leaders, including Dr. Elaine Morrato, interim dean of the school, Mr. Mazzaschi made a presentation during a “Public Health Spotlight Forum.” A distinguished panel featuring Sara Schmitt (Colorado Health Institute), Larry Wolk (Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment), and Sara Miller (Colorado Foundation for Public Health and the Environment) commented on issues raised by Mr. Mazzaschi and their impact on state and local public health.

The day concluded with a Student Forum. Mr. Mazzaschi discussed issues of critical importance to students, including federal hiring, student debt and loan issues, along with an overview of the current political and policy environment.

While in Rocky Mountain State, on Friday, April 7, Mr. Mazzaschi also visited with the leadership of the Denver-based National Environmental Health Association. He also made a luncheon presentation to the NEHA staff on ASPPH and its advocacy agenda.