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ASPPH, Riegelman Writing in Public Health Program shares Writing Survey Report

In January, the ASPPH Riegelman Writing Advisory Group developed a survey to ascertain the landscape of currently active, planned, and needed writing improvement initiatives for public health graduate students and faculty at ASPPH-member schools and programs, as well as members’ institutions at large. The ASPPH Member Writing Survey Report contains findings and experiences from 73 percent of ASPPH members and will continue to be used as a guide and reference for the initiative.

The Riegelman Writing in Public Health Program was launched late last year with the intent to improve student and faculty writing in public health. The Riegelman Writing Advisory Committee has identified a number of action items, including a set of webinars on educational peer review. Properly implemented peer review provides the opportunity for students to engage further with writing via multiple drafts and to receive more quality feedback, without introducing additional burden on faculty. If you have a successful model for educational peer review that you would like to present on an upcoming webinar, please email Ms. Sarah Weiner: .