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ASPPH Hosted January SOPHAS Virtual Fair

ASPPH hosted the first Virtual Fair of the year for SOPHAS participating schools and programs on January 13. Representatives from SOPHAS schools and programs spoke with 1408 prospective students from 46 states and 64 countries. The top five participating countries were: United States (901), India (47), Nigeria (42), China (32), and Canada (28). The January Virtual Fair is unique because many attendees have already submitted their applications and therefore ask more detailed questions about schools and programs. Virtual Fairs are held in January, July, September, and November each year.

The Virtual Fair is a widely accessible forum in which prospective students from around the world can learn more about the application process and participating schools and programs. Admissions officers and program chairs have the opportunity to chat live with prospective students, rate prospects in real time, download applicant reports and chat transcripts, and collect resumes.

In the 2015 cycle, Virtual Fairs allowed over 5,700 prospective students to chat with 52 SOPHAS schools and programs, World Education Service, SOPHAS administrators, and current MPH students. If your institution would like to participate in this interactive online recruitment tool, please contact CareerEco.