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ASPPH Data Center Staff Visit Johns Hopkins

ASPPH Data Center staff visited the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health on Monday for a member consultation on how to use ASPPH Data Center resources for data-driven decision-making. Ms. Emily Burke, program manager of data analytics, and Ms. Robyn Brigham, program coordinator of data analytics, met with Johns Hopkins’ Ms. Carri Calison, payroll specialist, Ms. Jessica Jones, director of admissions processing and systems, Ms. Yelizaveta Kalashnikova-Luby, institutional research specialist, Ms. Erin McEvoy, senior associate for faculty appointments and promotions, Ms. Jennifer Moessbauer, academic affairs administrator, and Dr. Elizabeth Stuart, associate dean for education, to demonstrate how interactive dashboards on the ASPPH Data Center Member Portal and the SOPHAS Designations Portal are used to inform planning in areas such as admissions and faculty resources.

If your institution is interested in scheduling an ASPPH Data Center member consultation, please email Virtual consultations are available.