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ASPPH Calls on President Trump to Withdraw Executive Order on Immigration and Refugees

In a letter to President Trump on January 31, Ms. Allison Foster, ASPPH Acting President and CEO, called for the repeal of the recent controversial Executive Order on refugees and immigration. Ms. Foster wrote, “The Association urges you to withdraw the Executive Order on refugees and immigration. The Cato Institute reports that not a single person in America was killed in a terrorist incident by citizens from any of the seven countries specifically targeted by your Order. Public health schools and programs provide training for many students from these countries, most of whom return to provide essential services to their fellow citizens. Our schools and programs also employ faculty that come from the listed nations and encourage the exchange of scholars with these countries. The global health security challenges facing these countries, as well as the United States, respect no borders and the generation of new knowledge needed to fight these scourges is a shared responsibility of the global community. The health of the United States is best ensured through collaboration with the global community of scholars, not through the isolation of individuals due to their religion or country of origin.”

Ms. Foster’s letter concluded, “At the dedication of the campus of the NIH in 1940, President Roosevelt said, ‘The National Institute of Health speaks the universal language of humanitarianism. It has been devoted throughout its long and distinguished history to furthering the health of all mankind, in which service it has recognized no limitations imposed by international boundaries; and has recognized no distinctions of race, creed or color.’ These sentiments should guide Federal policy today and be applied to all Federal agencies, especially those focused on health and education.”