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Partner News

Army Reserve Seeking Public Health Professionals for Civil Affairs Missions

The U.S. Army Reserve is recruiting officers currently serving in the Army Reserve and Army National Guard with public health experience. They would serve in Civil Affairs units as a part of Special Operations Forces. The Institute for Military Support to Governance needs public health experts to transfer to AOC 38G, the new Military Government Specialist area of concentration in the Civil Affairs career branch.

The Army is not looking for anyone with general public health experience. They want experts who can advise foreign governments at the provincial, regional, and/or national levels. The Army anticipates short-term, 30 to 90-day, missions to build sustainable capacity within the Ministries of Health of our allies.

The immediate need is to find public health experts currently within the ranks of the Army. Some people may be faculty or students at ASPPH-member schools and programs. A future option may be to hire civilian public health professionals to augment the Soldiers in uniform.

Any faculty or student at an ASPPH-member institution who is interested and currently serving in the Army should contact 1LT John McElligott at