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Partner News

Applications Now Open for Innovation Award for Health Care Provider Training and Education

Applications are now open for the Innovation Award for Health Care Provider Training and Education. Hosted by the American College of Sports Medicine, the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, and the Bipartisan Policy Center, this award recognizes health professional training programs that are ahead of the curve in providing nutrition, physical activity and obesity counseling education to their students.

Despite the fact that over two thirds of Americans are overweight or have obesity, less than one fourth of physicians feel they have received adequate training in counseling patients on diet or physical activity level.

Unfortunately, many of America’s health care professionals are not prepared to consistently deliver effective counseling on maintaining a healthy weight, diet, and physical activity level.

This award will spotlight the leadership of inventive educational models from all health disciplines and inspire others with examples of what can be achieved.

Applications will remain open through November 11 – there are awards available for future health care professional training programs, current health care professional training programs, and student-led programs.

Please visit to apply now!