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Accreditation Webinar on CEPH’s Criteria Revisions, Round 2

The ASPPH Accreditation and Credentialing Committee is sponsoring a webinar to enable ASPPH members to share their opinions, ideas, and questions regarding the draft CEPH criteria in Round 2. The webinar will take place Thursday December 3, 10:30 – 11:30 a.m. Eastern.

Dean David Goff (Colorado) is leading the webinar along with Gary Raskob (Oklahoma). CEPH representatives, Ms. Laura Rasar King, executive director, and Ms. Mollie Mulvanity, deputy director, will participate as reactors. The following CEPH councilors will also join:


The webinar is framed as an opportunity to converse about the criteria. Participants are encouraged to suggest alternative wording/standards for all critiques prior to and during the session through the chat box or following the session directly to ASPPH.

The session is not intended to substitute for submission of written comments to CEPH by member institutions, but will provide an opportunity for dialogue, suggestions, questions, and clarifications for assisting ASPPH in preparing its response.  During the registration process registrants may submit specific items or issues to address as well as submit questions.

 Target Audience:
All ASPPH members interested in contributing to building the ASPPH consensus response to CEPH.