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Accreditation Open Listening Sessions Archived and Available for Viewing

The ASPPH Accreditation and Credentialing Committee sponsored two open listening sessions this past week to enable our members to engage in a virtual conversation with each other and CEPH staff on the draft CEPH curricular accreditation criteria.  See the links to the archived webinars here (August 18 session) and here (August 20 session).

Dean Rick Kurz (North Texas) and Dean David Goff (Colorado), respectively the current chair of the ASPPH Accreditation and Credentialing Committee through August 31 and the incoming interim chair of the committee beginning on September 1, led robust dialogues on the issues with fellow discussants, Dean Donna Petersen (South Florida), who is also the incoming chair of the ASPPH board of directors, CEPH president, and chair of the Framing the Future Task Force, and Ms. Laura Rasar King and Ms. Mollie Mulvanity, both of the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH).

Thanks to the 140 of you who joined and posed many interesting questions and comments.  The committee will be briefed on the conversations which will be carefully considered as part of the ASPPH response to CEPH.  Additionally, all members are encouraged to comment directly to CEPH on responses to the criteria via email to Ms. King ( or Ms. Mulvanity (

ASPPH expects to offer similar opportunities over the course of the next year to hear from members on reactions to subsequent drafts of the CEPH criteria. Please contact Liz Weist at or 202/296-1099 ext. 129 with questions or comments on the forthcoming ASPPH response to CEPH.