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A New Online Community on Accreditation

All ASPPH members are invited to join an association-wide conversation on CEPH’s proposed accreditation criteria using a new Online Community, the Accreditation Review Group.

The initial invitation was extended this morning to members of the ASPPH Accreditation and Credentialing Committee, Academic Affairs’ and Practice Sections, MPH and DrPH Councils, as well as members of ASPPH Research Section and Learning Futures Forum who have stepped up to comment on the criteria.

The first document posted on the site is an analysis by one of the ten subgroups activated to comment on the criteria.  The “Mapping Subgroup,” composed of volunteers from the ASPPH Academic Affairs’ Section, pulled knowledge, skill, and attitude items, also known as KSAs (CEPH terms them “Foundational Content,” “Foundational Skills,” and “Professional Disposition” in the current draft) from the proposed criteria and crosswalked these elements against the three degree levels (baccalaureate, MPH, and DrPH).  They also mapped the same elements against both the CEPH-specified domains (“Data and Analysis,” etc.) as well as the traditional, five core areas of public health, having created a couple extra categories to accommodate the more cross-cutting items.

The purpose of the mapping exercise was to determine where the five core areas reside in CEPH’s draft curricular framework and to identify coverage and gaps, as well as examine the KSA cut points among the degree levels.  The subgroup is not proposing an alternative framework based on the map, but have undertaken this exercise as a means of checking how the draft criteria fits our member schools’ and programs’ vision for education in public health.

All ASPPH members are welcome to join. Interested ASPPH members may contact Ms. Liz Weist at to join the group and to follow the conversations.

We recommend interested parties join and contribute prior to the first ASPPH-sponsored Open Listening Session on Tuesday August 18, from 9:00 – 10:30 a.m. Eastern (view the article). Conversations will continue within the Online Community on this topic through the fall of 2016, until CEPH finalizes the accreditation criteria.

We look forward to hearing your reactions to the document within the Online Community.