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2018 ASPPH Annual Meeting: Skill-Building Workshops

During the 2018 ASPPH Annual Meeting, there will be three skill-building workshops for faculty on Wednesday, March 7. The three and a half hour workshops will give faculty an opportunity for more in-depth training and discussion on the following topics: 

1. Igniting PHIRE: Building Capacity for Public Health Institutional Research and Effectiveness 

The ASPPH Data Center in collaboration with the Association for Institutional Research (AIR) presents this workshop on forming a cohesive strategy in the collection, analysis, interpretation, and communication of data. The workshop will present: what is a PHIRE strategy, what skills and resources are needed, case studies for developing PHIRE capacity, and steps for developing a PHIRE workplan. 

2. Teaching Writing for Public Health: What Do We Value? 

This workshop will focus on how to teach written communication skills and writing as a foundation for lifelong practice in public health. Emphasizing professional writing for both professional and public audiences, the workshop invites participants to discover and apply what they value about writing for public health. 

3. Experiential Case-based Teaching: Why, When, and How to Lead Cases Discussions in Education for Public Health 

Faculty who wish to update their teaching toolkit for enhancing student learning will want to join this experiential workshop in which participants will simulate both the instructor and student roles in case-based instruction. In advance of the workshop, participants will receive two short cases requiring review and thinking about preparatory questions provided with the case. The assignment should take approximately one hour of time and must be completed before the workshop as it will greatly benefit participants. 

More information on the Annual Meeting and Skill-Building Workshops can be found on the event page. Attendees must register in advance for these workshops.